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When I began as a hypnotherapist in Harley Street I decided I would model myself on Milton Erickson, one of the most famous hypnotherapists of all time. Milton was basically the godfather of hypnosis and would see up to 14 clients a day, 7 days a week and have a waiting list stretching back for years.

I wanted his experience and knowledge and began to see around 40 clients per week, sometimes up to 50. I remember asking one of my old teachers "How comes I seem to be 'fixing' everyone?" almost as if it was a bad thing! He was also confused at my success rate and it seemed as if everyone was referring me to their friends and family including doctors.

And then I realised my secret. I began with the therapist/client relationship. It was imperative that my clients loved working with me and really felt our connection. They knew I cared about them and most of all their outcome, I took it personally if I failed them.

And along with every cutting edge technique, strategy or skill I could possibly learn I began to use a very personal tailored to them approach. So it becomes not whether I can cure you but 'how' I will do it. I never plan or prepare my sessions, I go with the flow. I know it will just appear in the right moment using immediacy, logic, creativity and intuition and it always has.

So listed below are some of the many things I can help you with, as part of a package or separately:

Addictions (Smoking, Drugs, Porn, Social Media etc)

Eating Disorders (Weight Management, Obesity, Anorexia, Bulimia etc)

Self-Esteem (Lack Of Self Love, Lack Of Self Belief etc)

Confidence (Social Confidence, Friendships, Attracting New Partners etc)

Anxiety (Panic Attacks, Worrying About The Future, Social Anxiety etc)

Depression (Sadness, Pain From Past Events, Experiences, Feeling Stuck etc)

Traumas (Complex, Medical, Community Violence, Partner Abuse, Bullying etc)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (Harm, Checking, Trichotillomania etc)

Sleep Disorders (Insomnia, Parasomnias, Night Terrors, Recurring Dreams etc)

Phobias (Agoraphobia, Spiders, Heights, Blood, Water etc) 

Fears (Flying, Travelling, Death, Exam Fears, Dentist, Surgery etc)

Pain Management (Chronic, Cancer, Hypno Healing, Surgery etc)

Relationship Counselling (Siblings, Partnerships, Work Colleagues, Parent/Child etc)

Sports Performance (Boxing, Football, Golf, Cycling etc)

Public Speaking (Wedding, Court Case, Work, Events, Presenting, Acting etc)

Sexual Issues (Performance, Male/Female Orgasm, Premature Ejaculation etc)

Child Counselling And Hypnotherapy

Personal Goals




Creating A Better Life

There are many things not listed here and getting in touch is the first step.

Let's talk?


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