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About Me

John Mill Dip.Hyp/Psych.Adv. Counsellor. Master Life Coach. NLP Practitioner. GHR Reg. CEO/Founder of Evolve Life Coaching College. 

#1 Best Selling Amazon Author of LifeScripts.

Hi, I was born some 56 years ago and in that time I have had an huge amount of life experience. I was born with a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta commonly known as brittle bones. I had a mild version of this disorder but managed to begin breaking my left leg from age 18 months to 15 years old quite regularly. Along the way I broke my arms, feet, hands, fingers, toes and was known to be quite accident prone.


I loved football and sports and my poor p.e. teacher at secondary school would often be calling me an ambulance on Friday afternoon after games. It was a way of life but what came with it was some pretty intense bullying. I always remember going to my secondary school 4 foot 1 inch high and 4 stone 1 lb in weight and I was an easy target. This meant that as I grew older I began to realise the main theme of my life (which is one of our primary as humans) was "I'm not good enough." Ever felt like that?


What happened then was that I left school and began to look for jobs that would fit the bill of someone who was not good enough. I ignored the exciting, high paid jobs and began to look at jobs more suited to me. I wasn't failing because I was aiming high and missing, I was failing because I was aiming low and hitting everytime.


After a career in retail, running my own business and driving jobs there was a moment in my life where I started to want to give something back to the universe and I began looking at children's charities. I stumbled across the charity Childline and decided to see if I could help counsel children over the phone voluntarily. It was here I started to realise what my calling was, I loved it and I started to realise that any pain I had experienced in my past was actually a gift, in that I could use my experiences to help others.


What followed was constant training and practising in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, psychology, counselling and life coaching and I still train to this day.

My first therapy practice was In Harley Street which was a huge success and then I opened a second practice in Surrey. From there ten years later I founded Evolve Life Coaching College and found another love, teaching!

If I am not working you will find me hanging out with my family, I am devoted to them and they are my happy place. I am also a completely crazy cinema and movie buff  and if I like a movie, it's not uncommon for me to watch it 100's of times, what is your love?

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