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Did you know that you go into trance many times a day?

Maybe it happened at a boring meeting at work, your mind just wandered off and you lost the room?

Or in the queue at the self service checkout till at the supermarket, you just drifted off thinking about a holiday somewhere and the next thing you know someone is tapping you on the shoulder telling you the till is free?

The best example is driving. You learn to drive in a very conscious way until it becomes natural and then it all just slips into your subconscious and the inner mind does all the work. You set out on your journey thinking about what you need to do that day and all of a sudden you have arrived and not remembered half of the trip because you drove quite safely in a light trance.

Now when you have problems in life, you try your very best to gain control over those issues and live life to your fullest but some of those blocks keep showing up affecting your day to day life.

The conscious mind wants to change but the subconscious mind is in charge and won't budge.

Imagine a rider on an elephant. The rider is heading towards the shallow river and wants to cross. The rider thinks they are in control but the elephant knows there are alligators in the river and right at the waters edge stops and won't budge. It doesn't matter how hard the rider tries to convince the elephant to go forward, it's not happening.

Your conscious mind is the rider, your subconscious mind is the elephant.

And so hypnosis is a great way to tap into that subconscious part of the mind and suggest that it makes some changes. The common misconception is that I will click my fingers and you will be readily handing over your pin number while making clucking noises as you walk around the room... NO! 

You are in control during the whole session, you can wake yourself up, open your eyes even though you may feel heavy and stuck to the chair, you really are just complying. To perform hypnosis I'll ask you to sit comfortable, I'll adopt a much more deliberate, softer voice to lull you into a relaxing state of trance. As you conscious mind fully relaxes, your subconscious mind opens like a flower in blossom ready to accept new suggestions, learnings and beliefs.

I tailor my sessions to you. I use your words in hypnosis, everything you have told me in the session is the key to what imagery I might use, auditory words and feelings I may want you to feel. When you wake you will feel completely peaceful like you've had a beautiful ten hour sleep while knowing that something has changed at a much deeper level.

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