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Life Coaching

How I life coach you can be dependent on what your end goal is. I can help you with a whole range of professional and personal issues but the difference is I won't be giving you advice because you have all the answers within you, I won't be giving you counselling or therapy because if I did we would be talking about your past. Life coaching is very much about being in the present and working forward.

You might ask me for help because you are working on a professional project and we might look at blocks, obstacles and beliefs that limit you. Once I have learned about your model of the world I will help you overcome your challenges and together we will create an action plan so you reach your outcome.

You might hire me because you are incredibly talented at some kind of sport and you want to raise your game even higher. I often tell clients they have scaled the ladder of success but there will always be a glass ceiling above their heads which as some point you will bump your head on.


This ceiling can't be seen but it represents resistance, mistaken beliefs, limiting fears on a subconscious level and we need to know what they are and how to smash through them.


You see the only thing that can stop you is your own beliefs and our relationship is a creative partnership and my job is to help you create a very specific goal or outcome. Remember it has to be so clear that you can feel it as if it has already happened, your clarity is your power.

And all the while I am understanding and appreciating your world, you are the expert and I am imagining how it is to be you. This is where I am creating a base for us to work from and looking for some form of leverage. Then I need to identify any blocks, fears, emotions or rules that have been created that stop you moving forward. It is here that I'm looking for any secondary gain that also might keep you stuck in some way.

Now with some form of strategic intervention I need to interrupt and disrupt these limiting patterns you have and then we can reframe them in solvable terms. Once we have done this we can create some empowering new alternatives as you start to condition these new decisions and relate them to your highest goals in life a relationships.

The thing is you don't need to know whether you need to start with counselling/therapy first or just go straight into coaching, that's my job because I'm an integrative therapist, counsellor, coach, I'm here to guide you and your first step is to pick up the phone.

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